Our common aim with this hotel has been to exhibit and underline the traces that both history and time have left on it. There was a time when the windmills worked with the power of the streams that flowed close to the Anaga mountains. They grinded the grain that gave the former name to Calle del Agua, close to the sqare of Adelantado and in front of the palace of Nava and Grimón, and were you are now probably standing. In this building that gave the street it’s new name, was were the erudite panelists of Nava secretly gathered, they would call themselves “Los Caballeritos”. They met and analized the politics of an island that was still halfway on its sovereignity, following the ideas of Rosseau and Voltaire. The lords of this House, D. Fernando de la Guerra and del Hoyo Solórzano next to José de Viera y Clavijo (and other learned erudites of this period) discussed the fate of both history and their own story from their priviledged position.

Afterwards, this house became a teaching place and after a cigar factory in order to later become a beautiful hotel. What covers all three owners of this three purposes of the building was that all three were families emigrated to America, coming from the smaller islands of EL Hierro and La Palma. When the transport was based on the power of the winds, the canarians crossed the ocean with the help of the trade winds, looking for a future in the European capital cities.

Nowadays you can clearly see the two different buildings, without continuity aims although. The original, built between the 16th and 17th centuries, and the new part. Thus, modern services for your enjoyment and confort have been carefully prepared and set forth.

Historia de La Laguna Gran Hotel