NUB Restaurante, La Laguna - Tenerife


In the hotel is located one of the 5 restaurants with Michelin stars throughout Tenerife. The NUB Restaurant, by Andrea Bernardi and Fernanda Fuentes.

Modern kitchen, fresh and light, that fuses the Italian and Chilean recipes with the Canarian, always with delicate textures and presentations.


Next to the canarian entrance hall called “zaguán” and in the most luminous side of the building, our central yard or canarian “patio” the brewing of a Delicious coffee takes place. A singular and historical enviroment which is simply perfect to chat with eachother while tasting our homemade and traditional pastry and selected gourmet snacks. Take your time, the clock already stopped here 300 years ago…


How a day starts is determining, thus, we wished to pledge you an energizing and Delicious breakfast. For this moment of the day you can choose wether to sit in our comfy restaurant or to enjoy the first sun beams of dawn in our terrace. Here you will discover our vertical garden, packed with bejeques and verodes, two autochthonous plants that usually grow on the old tiled roofs.

Restaurante gastronomía en La Laguna - Tenerife
“Friendly, good value, good food.”


Restaurante gastronomía en La Laguna - Tenerife